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We offer uncompromising service at the highest possible standards. Personal service for everyone, bringing the computers to the customer’s home / business, performing operating system installations, and performing training to use the computer at no cost but as part of the service. Includes technical support for remote control.

In addition, we offer a unique service – Trade In. After using a computer for at least half a year, the customer is given the option to purchase a new computer for a fee from which the price of the used computer is deducted.

A fun shopping experience, trust and reliable service. And of course growth on the basis of satisfied customers and their complete satisfaction from the service, and of course and the price.

The products are sold with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer with the option to extend up to a 3-year warranty on the manufacturer’s website.
Each customer receives:
Personal and professional attitude. Free training.

Trade in (for existing customers) at any stage.

Manufacturer warranty up to three years. Collection from the customer’s home.

Fair price guaranteed!

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